Show & Tell:: Dyed Canvas Tennis Shoes


  • It wasn’t on my radar to even do a project like this til I was reading a post from Street Etiquette back in December about dying a pair of canvas kicks. When I read their post on it, I instantly became inspired and knew once spring hit, I wanted to do this. I bought a cheap pair of canvas tennis shoes from Kmart recently, they were on sale for $5, and dyed them navy blue and switched out the original shoe laces for laces from cream colored ribbon instead. I love them and plan to buy another pair and dye them a different color (I’m thinking red next) and do something even jazzier with the shoe laces. Read more for all the details. This is a very easy and fun project for anyone no matter your crafting level.

    Supplies Needed:

    • Pair of canvas tennis shoes
    • Fabric dye of your color choice. I used RIT fabric dye
    • Gloves (so you don’t dye your hands)
    • Salt
    • Optional: Ribbon

    Follow the directions included with your fabric dye.. It is important that you do so to receive the most optimal results, especially if you are new to dyeing fabrics.

    Let air dry completely. Replace the shoe laces with ribbon if you opted to do this and enjoy your reworked kicks!

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