How Could I Not Talk About Coachella?!

I’ve been so busy with life that I totally didn’t talk about Coachella. I first learned of this music and art fabulousness from the beautiful and uber talented Rinny Riot and have wanted to go at some point since. For those that don’t know, you about to know! Coachella is an annual, 3-day, art and live music festival in Indio, CA.  Indio is in the Coachella Valley (which is part of the California Desert) so I’m deducing that’s part of how it got its name. There are large and interactive sculptural works of art and tons of  musicians, from all different genres and levels of “celebrity”, perform there. It’s also great for fashion, style and art inspiration.

One of the highlights of this year was the Tupac hologram performance. I just watched that recently and it was bananas! Man, did it take me back. We miss you Pac! He was so ill and brilliant. I can only imagine what he’d be doing now if he were still alive…. This year the festival was split into two weekends: 4/13-4/15 and 4/20-4/22. Coachella also did live stream footage of tons of the performances that went on on their Youtube channel. It’s on my  30 x 30 list to go so I will be there next year to experience it all in the flesh. Maybe they’ll do a Biggie hologram performance the next one. Lol. See ya next year Coachella!


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