Spring Cleaning // Where to Donate Your Old Clothes


It’s that time of the year when we do our “spring cleaning” and switch out our winter clothes with our spring and summer wardrobe. Like most, in this process of cleaning you let go of some clothing you may not have worn in years or doesn’t fit anymore to make room for some new clothing. This post was inspired by one of my co-workers today. They came to me and told me they had started some of their spring cleaning, didn’t want to throw away good condition clothing that they simply weren’t going to wear anymore and asked where could they donate clothes. I recommended them visiting DontationTown.org. On this site you type in your zip code and it directs you to tons of charities nearby; many of them have pick up service so you don’t even have to take your donations to them. It also specifies if listings take clothing, furniture, appliances or electronics donations. You can schedule an appointment and they will come and pick them up from your front door.

So if you have never donated clothing before and don’t have a place you like to donate, then try Donation Town. It’s a great resource. Note. once you schedule a pick up, most places will automatically ask you if you would like a receipt (for tax purposes). If they don’t, don’t forget to ask and they will provide you with one.

Stay generous.


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