Inspired by Tattoos:: Best Ink

Any tattoo enthusiasts in this space? I thought it was pretty cool when Oxygen network aired the season premiere of new tattoo competition show, Best Ink, this past Tuesday. I have a tattoo and plan to get another one this year. While I’m not a tattoo lifestyle kind of gal and don’t want my entire body covered in them, I definitely appreciate the artistry that goes into them. For some people, their tattoos are their life stories and their “robes”; they are a part of their aesthetic. You remember the Ed Hardy craze? It’s obvious that it was inspired by tattoo artwork. And then tons of things inspire tattoos. Even if they are not your thing, they are still beautiful and can have inspiration to be found in them for any of your projects. Pull inspiration from any and everything! Nothing is off limits is how I see it.

Be inspired and stay creative.

Best Ink

  • Channel: Oxygen network
  • Airs: Every Tuesday at 10p EST/9pCST

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