Show & Tell:: My First Beaded Bracelet

Hey, ya girl is back in business! My internet was set up a few hours ago and I received wonderful service. High five, Verizon! This morning, I made my very first beaded bracelet, pictured above, and I love how it came out. I got the beads used for this from Bead Center in Manhattan. They have a great selection and very helpful staff. If you followed me on my natural hair blog then you know how much I love accessories. I make (and sell) earrings and I’ve always loved beaded bracelets and own many of them so it seemed only natural that I start making my own. Don’t know why I didn’t make any sooner! I’m totally hooked now. I have tons of beads because I make earrings but they now will def be shared with making bracelets.

Want to make your own beaded bracelet? They are super easy. I learned from a tutorial on eHow; love that site for learning how to do things!

Stay creative and I’m glad to be back! Cool things, including my fabric strip earring tutorial, to come!


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