Graphic Design with Paint.Net

Paint.Net is an easy and free photo editing software that let’s you do quite a bit with your pictures. I edit my pictures on here with it and love it. I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop at work but as you know, it’s expensive. So Paint.Net is a great alternative if you are a novice photo editor or till you are ready to shell out the dough for the big boys.

You have many similar abilities like working on layers, adjusting saturation; light/darkness, hue, etc.. Because it is free, it’s not Photoshop but you can still do a lot with it and they have a forum community filled with tons of tutorials on how to create all different kinds of effects to your pictures.

Visit Paint.Net to learn more about the software. And while it’s free, please donate a little something something if you can so they can create more cool features.

Stay creative.


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