Crafty Publications:: Green Craft Magazine

Spring 2012 Issue Image from Green Craft Magazine

Green Craft Magazine has to be one of my favorite crafting publications. Like the name suggests, the crafts included on its pages are “green” aka eco friendly. They encourage you to upcycle a menagerie of things into something cool or make crafts with natural materials like sticks, hemp, (reminds me that I want to do a craft with pine cones!), toilet paper rolls, cardboard, etc.. One of the crafts in their very first issue showed how to make cool containers out of french fry boxes [pictured below]. I let a friend borrow that issue and never got it back! So, be careful who you let borrow a copy or tell them to buy their own because it’s so good, you may not see it ever again! I’m going to ask her about it the next time I see her…. I want it back so i can make those.

Green Craft is publish two times a year: a spring issue and a fall issue and you can buy them online or find them in craft related shops and Barnes & Nobles.

Stay creative.


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