iPhone App for Hairspiration:: I Love Your Hair

You can tell a lot about a person, many times, based off of how they choose to style their hair. If someone changes their hairstyles frequently then it shows they enjoy variety or if they have an edgy, hot pink, short cut that they don’t mind standing out. Hair is a fun and creative way to express ourselves.

House of Mikko has a new app called I Love Your Hair. You can find and add photos of different hairstyles, all hair textures on included (this is not a natural hair only app), on there to inspire you and give you new ideas for hairstyles to try. You can search for styles by using a series of filters including hair length, texture, color and style. Because it’s a new app, there are still some bugs and not a lot of pictures just yet but as the amount of people who join in on the fun grows the more pictures will be added. I think this would be really cool when you want to achieve a style and can show a picture to a stylist of what you want. The picture may be small but it’s better than nothing!

You can find me on there, as “Creatividual”, if you want to follow me.

Stay creative.


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