Indie Films:: An Oversimplification of Her Beauty

An Oversimplification of Her Beauty • Teaser from Terence Nance • Terence Etc. on Vimeo.

It was a part of the Sundance Film Festival last month (I could kick myself for missing it!) and I want to see it. It looks visually entertaining and uses animation in it too.  I like the mix of “medias” in one film. The brief synopsis is that it’s about a young man that starts spending time with a young lady and their journey as they tip on the tightrope between friendship and romance. It also doesn’t hurt that two main characters’ hair rocks. 😀 I’m far from a movie buff but would like to get more into film, especially indie film.

I just love quality art that hasn’t been tainted with blatant intents to make millions (and then it’s onto the next sub par project). I like art that is what it is, tells cool and different stories and people like because its agenda is to be shared, relate-able, inspirational and enjoyed.

Enough on my rant. 🙂 Learn more about the film at their site: Also check out Rinny Riot’s interview with Terence Nance, the director and main character of the film.


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