Art & Style:: Scarves as Hair Accessories

This is nothing new but it is artistic, stylish and creative. Scarves are great for saving your butt when you have a bad hair situation on your hands and need to be somewhere or feel like doing something different with your hair. I loved this video Mane Moves did on hair scarves. The guest was Ahsiek1118, a regular to rocking scarves as pretty hair adornments. After watching this video, I wanted to go thrifting for vintage scarves to rock this way.

If you liked the scarves you saw on the video. The boutique, Brooklyn Bleu, that was featured in the video sells them online if you do not live in the NYC area. There are also some other great Etsy shops that carry pretty scarves, you can go thrifting for  them or you can hit up the fabric store and make your own (leave a comment if you’d care for a tutorial on how to make your own. You already know that I know how!).

Have fun with this. I work in fashion so I’ve rocked this look to work and also on the weekends when I wanted to add a lil extra kick to an outfit or on a bad hair day.

Stay creative.

[Video from Mane Moves]


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