Learn New Crafts thru Meet Up

If you don’t know about Meet Up, you are about to learn now! Meet Up is an online community made up of groups formed by people all over the country with like interests. There are Meet Up groups for almost anything you can think of: reading, cooking, traveling, mothers, singles, young professionals, yoga, etc wherever you live. If you don’t see a group for what you like in your area, you can create one. I’m a member of groups that are centered around arts & crafts, makeup artistry, photography and natural hair. The picture above is of some projects I started at a crochet & knitting group I’m a member of. We like to hang out for a couple hours at a coffee shop, sip on tea or coffee, knit or crochet and just talk.  It’s a lot of fun.

Meet Up is great for learning new crafts since many of the members are already adept in your craft of choice. I really like the Etsy Labs Meet Up group. When my schedule permits, I like to attend their meet ups. They are always fun and introduce me to all kinds of people/artists and different crafts and techniques; it’s like arts & crafts workshops for adults. It’s a lot of fun. Sometimes they have goodies like cupcakes and such sponsored by local businesses so you get a tasty treat while you craft. You also get to meet a lot of other creatividuals and many of them are Etsy sellers as well.

Oh iPhone users……. There is a free Meet Up app too so you can keep track of all your groups and upcoming meet ups on the go.

So what are you waiting for? Go join a Meet Up group! I think they’re great for adding more fun experiences to life and meeting other like minded people that you may not have met if you didn’t go.


Stay creative.


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