Cool iPhone Picture Apps

Still addicted to my iPhone and loving every moment of taking and editing pictures with it. I shared some of my favorite iPhone camera app and now I’m sharing some of my favorite picture collage apps.


This app lets your create and frame a picture that consists of more than one picture. Diptic creates an “organized” collage of your pictures. You create collages with up to 4 pictures and choose from different arrangement selections.

Pic Collage

Pic Collage lets you create free form collages. You can add as many pictures as you can fit on the canvas, edit the size of the photos, add text (I didn’t in the collage above. The text in that pic was added after I further updated the image in post on that soon!) and have control over how you want the photos arranged and orientated.

I’m sorry if I encouraged your already out of control iPhone addiction. I just love mine and love how we can do so many creative things with it!

Stay creative.


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