Museum Crawl:: Mocada Museum (Brooklyn)

Feed Your Head: The African Origin of the Scientific Aesthetic Exhibit at MoCADA Museum. Photo Credit at end of post.

Growing up, I loved going to the museums to see all the different exhibits, pictures, and interactive media and learning new things. As a kid, museums inspired me by introducing me to new and excited ideas and concepts that I wasn’t exposed to before; museums gave me a wider scope outside of the bubble I lived in every day. I still love museums to this very day for those same reasons; they inspire me and ignite my excitement for living life passionately, learning things and new ideas for creating things. New York City is the home of some great museums and the Museum Crawl feature will share them and hopefully inspire you to check them out.

One of my favorites is in the Ft. Greene area of Brooklyn, the MoCADA Museum. MoCADA stands for Museum of Contemporary African Dispora Arts so this museum features various exhibits and events surrounded by this idea. They also hold various events including lectures and film screenings. The last time I was there was this past summer for the Dandylion Exhibit which centered around positive images and the celebration of Black men.

I plan to go back soon and become a member. It’s only $35 a year for membership for an individual ($25/year for students and $50/year for families), how can you beat that? It would make me want to go there more and as a Black American, I am a direct product of the African diaspora so it fills me with pride to support and contribute to something that highlights, educates me on and celebrates some of my culture and history.

Check out MoCADA Museum

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