Silver Screen Films:: Red Tails

This weekend I took my “lil” cousin to see the movie Red Tails and we loved it. I will definitely be buying it on DVD when it comes out. This war movie tells a story based the heroic Tuskegee Airmen. They were the first black pilots to fight in WWII. Their story is one that isn’t shared as much as it should be and is glossed over in US History classes and books very often. Hollywood wasn’t sure that an all Black leading cast about these courageous men would equal big bucks in the box offices so director, George Lucas, basically funded the project and distribution of it from his own pockets, $93million (!), over the course of two decades. How’s that for pursuing what you believe in!

This is an all Black cast and directed action movie (one of the producers is Black as well); we don’t see a lot of these on the big screen. It included veteran actors like Terrance Howard and Cuba Gooding Jr., and upcoming actors on the rise like Nate Parker (from The Great Debaters), Clifford Smith (Wu Tang’s Method Man), David Oyelowo (this man is too fine!), and Tristan Wilds (from 90210 when they brought it back recently) just to name some of them. This movie added to my immense pride in being a Black American. We’ve been through a lot but we’re so resilient. It must have been trying to live in those times and fight for a country that didn’t respect you or treat you as an equal. While the tone of the war and the racial wounds were seen all throughout the movie, there were also times that you laughed and smiled and it left you feeling inspired. While I strongly encourage Black people to support this movie, I recommend this movie to people of all races because it’s good, it’s action packed (little boys will love all the plane fights and tricks-shoot, I liked them too!) and it reinforces the message that the color of your skin does not impact your willingness nor capability to make great achievements and positively influence history.

From an artsy stand point: I loved the graphics and quality of the picture and of course I loved the way the men dressed! Men (and women) of that era dressed so SHARP; they embodied simple and classic style (I’m slowly transforming my style to embody this and adding a funky twist). From a woman’s stand point: There were some fine men in this film! If David Oyelowo wasn’t married with 4 kids (!), I’d call dibs on him. ;D

Check out Ebony’s article on the movie, in the February 2012 issue, to get more background on the filming of the movie.

Stay creative.


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