Show & Tell: Cheap & Chic Eye Glasses


$1 readers from Jack's 99 Cents store!

I found my signature pair of glasses! I love this shape and size frame for myself. I’m so in love with them and think I will start to wear my glasses more. I found these frames at Jack’s 99 Cent store for $1. They are readers that I poked the lenses out of. The day I took this picture, the frames were lense-less but I am going to get my prescription put in them. You can do this with a pair of sunglasses that you think would make cute every day frames too. I got this idea from an uber stylist co-worker of mine and now I’m passing it onto you if you didn’t know about it.

Be on the lookout for another craft I have that you can do with cheap readers/frames to jazz them up.

Be inspired.


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