Show & Tell: How I Wrapped My Christmas Presents this Year

The theme I used to wrap my Christmas 2011 gifts

Happy Holidays Creatividuals!

Last day of 2011! How are you spending yours? So far I’ve been spending mine doing laundry and cleaning. Lol. But I plan to hang out with close friends in the comforts of someone’s home, nosh and drink a little champagne when the ball drops. I hope everyone has been enjoying the season with family, friends and lots of good eats! I am really enjoying myself as the season winds down and the new year approaches us. The picture above is how I wrapped my presents for my family this year. The wrapping was inspired by the Personalized Gift Wrapping post I shared last month and everyone loved it. Yay!

Wishing you all a healthy and Happy New Year! I thank you all for your support as I started this blog earlier this year. It started out as a fleeting thought that I went ahead and brought to life. I have great ideas, craft ideas of my own and crafts I want to try and share for this space in 2012 so watch what happens. 😀

Be inspired and stay creative


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