What’s For Dinner: Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Over Rice

I found this fabulous and tasty slow cooker recipe on Pinterest. Pinterest is a a virtual pin board site where you can “pin” things you’ve found on the web or from pictures you’ve taken and “repin” things from other member’s boards from all different categories of life that inspire you. I have a board just dedicated to cooking and baking recipes and have tried quite a few recipes that I’ve found on there. I will do a post on Pinterest very soon. It’s a great resource for us creatividuals.

3 Simple Ingredients You’ll Need to Create This Fabulous Dish:

* 4-6 frozen, boneless, skinless chicken breasts                                                                   * 1 bottle of Target’s Archer Farms Hawaiian bbq sauce (I ended up using America’s Choice Sweet & Tangy BBQ Sauce and it came out really yummy.)
* 1 can of pinapple chunked or crushed (I used “tidbits”, which are smaller chunks)

Toss everything in the slow cooker and cook on low for 6 hours. You can speed it up by cooking on high and in 3-4 hours it will be done. Once done, I broke the chicken up some so they were smaller pieces and easier to eat (you can shred the chicken too if you like or leave it whole breasts. Whatever you like). This serves about 4 people so if you have more hungry stomachs, this is easy to increase.

I made some brown basmati rice to serve it over and paired with spinach. Put your own spin on it though; you can pair with a lot of different things and with a different vegetable or none at all.

You can try jazzing up any leftovers by making a sandwich out of it. Shred a piece or two of the chicken and some of the pineapples. I may have to try that tomorrow! Just make sure you keep the chicken and bread apart till you are ready to eat it. If you put it together before eating it, the sandwich can get soggy.

This was so delicious and easy to make. I will definitely make again.


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