Personalized Gift Wrapping

Image from Man Made

This idea is too creative! I will be doing this for my Christmas gift wrapping this year. I’ll do a Show & Tell of what I did to mine to give some ideas. 

Using white or brown packing paper, the possibilities are endless when it comes to this project and it would also make a great craft for kids with non toxic markers or crayons. Teens and adults can use paint pens or color pencils.

I could even see how stamping on the paper could be great too. Try spray glitter or a host of other mediums (newspaper, printed paper, stencils or paper cutters to cut out designs and glue on, OMG! So many ways to make this your own!) to add your personal touch to it. Get some inspiration from Craft Zine  and Man Made .

Stay creative.


2 thoughts on “Personalized Gift Wrapping

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