The Art of Dinner Parties

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I’m not Superwoman but I’m damn sure gonna get close. Outside of crafting and anything artsy, I’m also quite domestic. Hosting an occasional dinner party is one of the next arts that I want to conquer. Right now, my place is too small to host anything of the sort but when I move to a place a little bit bigger, I want my housewarming party to be a dinner party. I’m really into cooking now, I haven’t shared any of my creations on here but I will soon.

I luv how food brings people together, talking and creating memories. Guys, I have so many ideas, menus and desserts in my head that I’m just waiting to unleash, it’s bananas.  

Catch Rocco's Dinner Party on the Bravo channel every Wednesday 10/9c

And now I’m addicted to Bravo’s newest show, “Rocco’s Dinner Party”. I’m gleaning tips and tricks like you wouldn’t believe.


2 thoughts on “The Art of Dinner Parties

  1. I’m quite domestic as well. I think it falls in line with being crafty AND I;m a LEO which means I love to entertain. Having dinner parties are amongst my favorite things in the world to do. Such fun!!

  2. They are. My parents did a lot of them growing up so it’s in my blood, I suppose. Lol. but yeah, it’s so funny when people see that I am both crafty and domestic. It’s like they can’t wrap their minds around it. Lol.

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