How to Make a Pair of Feather Earrings


Check out the tutorial over at Craftovision to learn how make a basic pair of feather earrings.  Based off of their instructions I made a pair, pictured above, over the weekend and like almost all of my creations, I dig them. As you can see, the one on the right was the first one I did. I still hadn’t gotten the hang of wrapping the wire. By the time I got to the second one, I had it down. Lol. My next pair will be perfected. Once you know the basics on how to make these, you can get more ornate and intricate with your designs and add other media like fabric, chain, ribbon, etc. Have fun with it, I sure plan to!

If you want to see and purchase truly exquisite and beautifully handcrafted, feather earrings, check out my girl, Christie’s Charmed Feathers site.

Stay creative. 😀


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