Inspiration: My Dream House

Image from Elle Decor

I love to read and I adore books immensely. I was that geeky girl who instead of flirting with boys at lunch in the cafeteria, I was in the library reading 3 books at a time. It’s only natural that my dream house will have my own personal library room with shelves from the floor to ceiling and rolling ladder included. I was checking out the LookBook on Elle Decor for modern living room designs when I saw this picture and rendered it striking.

I absolutely adore shelves. Why, they are the epitome of style and functionality in any house, I feel. I can’t wait till I’m in a space larger so I can do some more intensive decorating and book collecting. I really want to make a book shelf or repurpose one but in my current abode, I would have no place to put it. This picture most definitely gives me something to aspire to. I’m telling, some day down the future, a house with a library room WILL be mine.

Another room my dream house will have is my own studio to create in. I’ll share those inspiration pics with you soon too. What kind of rooms will your dream house have? Maybe you are living in your dream house now, what rooms are in there that you dreamt about and now have?


One thought on “Inspiration: My Dream House

  1. Love the idea Milan! I too dream of having an extensive book collection in my dream home. A studio too, complete with a reference section and inspiration files.

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