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If you followed my blog AGrlCanMac, then you are familiar with my Mixtress Chronicles series. I am bringing it on over here. If you are new to this series, these are posts where I share hair and skin care remedies and recipes that I like and have given me good results and that you can give them a try and tweak them to your own liking. Making your own hair and skin care products can be fun and in many instances can be healthier than commercial products because you are in control of what is going into your product and you know exactly what every ingredient is. They can also be more cost effective than commercial products as well.

Henna glosses are great treatments to give your hair a boost of shine/sheen, smooth strands and added softness. If you have curly or kinky curly hair, it will give your hair texture a definition boost as well. I like to do them every couple of months. Please note: henna is a natural plant dye. If your hair color is lighter than dark brown/black brown, it WILL deposit red-orangish color onto your hair. Please be mindful of this before giving this treatment a try. Read More


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