Julia Graf is one of my favorite makeup artists on Youtube. She’s insanely creative and skilled, I love her style of doing makeup and I learn so much from her videos. Last weekend I watched her Draw My Life video she recorded a while ago and became so inspired to worry less and live more. It really inspired me to worry about money less, think in abundance and travel more. She spent most, if not all, of her entire savings twice in her young adult years traveling and seeing the world. Most financial analysts and planners would cringe at this but what I’m learning so much lately is “don’t wait” to start living, traveling, etc. Pony up some cash and go. It’s not to say be financially irresponsible but sometimes, you’ve gotta take chances and get out there or you’ll never do the things that you want and even dream about doing. I’ve also learned if things are falling in accordance with your destiny and positive evolution, any money you “blew” will always come back to you in bigger amounts than what you gave out. Worry less, just work and live more. There’s a beautiful life to be had, live yours!


I absolutely adore cooking, trying new dishes and recipes and enjoying dishes at great restaurants here in NYC. Food nourishes the body and the creative mind. Also, preparing sumptuous foods and flavors and textures is a beautiful art form and craft.

Last weekend after foolishly trying to run at the height of the heat last Saturday with my workout buddy (we were only able to run for 2 miles and had to walk the last mile to prevent any over heating that may have ensued.), we stopped by India Place for “linner” (definition: late lunch, early dinner) and conversation. I’ve always enjoyed Indian food and how they contain an awesome blend of wonderful spices and flavors for their dishes; you can taste the “soul” in them. This was my first time visiting this restaurant and I’d definitely go back.


It was a hot, late Satueday afternoon with a slight breeze. Like most restaurants throughout NY in the warm months they opened up the front windows to expose it to the outside air and breeze. It wasn’t busy at that time so the energy was very peaceful and chill. They had a lunch special going on where you get an appetizer and entree for around $14 so we obliged. The entrees came with naan and jasmine rice and the food and service was fabulous. For my appetizer, I ordered the [potato] samosas (pictured at the very top) and they came with three dipping sauces that I don’t know the names of, I just know they were good. My entree was one I had never ordered from an Indian restaurant before, the Malai Kofta (pictured just above). They were these fried vegetable balls with veggies like potato and broccoli in them and then they bathed it in this awesome, creamy orange sauce. They were nothing short of amazing. We were also given rice pudding as dessert which I gobbled up before noticing I didn’t take a picture.



If you’re in the Prospect Park area of Brooklyn, and enjoy Indian food, check this place out.

India Place
655 Vanderbilt Ave
Brooklyn, NY


Drive By posts are posts I do on the fly from my phone; all typing and photos captured come from my phone. Today’s first drive by is the Museum Mile Festival that happened this past Tuesday in Manhattan on Museum Mile St on the upper east side. Visiting museums is a favorite past time of mine, but I has never heard of this festival so when I was invited by some friends to come along, I quickly obliged.

We spent most of our time at the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art), which in my all 8 years of living in NYC, I had never been to. Everything was curated beautifully and I loved how great the lighting was. Most museums, the lighting is low in order to preserve the artifacts but in the MET the lighting was awesome, you could see all the details easily. We explored the ancient Egypt portion and were amazed at all the wonderful creations that the Egyptians fashioned. I just kept saying to myself how remarkable it was that they made all these marvelous sculptures, tools, tombs with elaborate details and jewelry with no electricity or modern tools that we are armed with today. It was truly awe inspiring.

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I recently discovered that I can trace some of my lineage all the way back to Rwanda! I’m so excited and have been researching the history and rich culture and definitely have plans to visit the country. I have fallen in love with the traditional dance, Intore, and now I want to learn! I am careful not to refer to what they are wearing as costumes because I think it is more than that so I say that the traditional dress worn for this sacred occasion is absolutely beautiful. I love the women’s sashes and dresses and the skirts and straps the men wear for this. In this video, the women do a beautiful dance in the beginning (that I want to learn!) that soothes you and then around 6 minutes in, the drums start playing and rouses and excites your soul! I love that women are playing the drums too because I think traditionally, only the men would play the drums. If I have any Rwandan readers, please correct me if I’m wrong.

The video is about 15 minutes long but it’s worth every minute to view this and hear the drums and singing. It did something to me; at one point I started to cry a little even. It’s so heart warming to know more about where my ancestors came from and their culture and all. I feel like a whole new world of myself just opened up to me.

Be prepared to see more posts about Rwanda because it’s very inspiring for me and I want to share the beauty of the culture and people that I am discovering. Rwanda is more than just the genocide back in 1994 and Hotel Rwanda.


Hi guys! Happy new year. I’m refocused and totally reinspired to create and find inspiration in everything. I’ll be back very soon with things I’ve been creating. In the meantime, I’m sharing some inspiration to expand your creative juices and get them flowing. Last night, I had the pleasure of watching a documentary about black tattoo artists titled, “Color Outside the Lines: A Tattoo Documentary“. It was amazing and definitely inspired me to continue appreciating great art and pushing for my passions, that if done in a smart way, I can comfortably live off of them and never “work” a day in my life. This documentary also shared both the highs and the lows of the industry and how the experience has been for tattoo artisans of color. It’s an hour and a half long but totally worth viewing, you can watch it below or HERE. If you feel so moved, support them and buy a physical DVD copy of it. I plan to soon, I love supporting great art and now I want my next tattoo done by Miya Bailey! He’s a phenomenal artist in general and I think his style would fit so well with my next tattoo which will be a dream catcher. :-)

Stay creative and inspired,



Posting from my phone, woot woot! I call these types of posts, “drive by posts” bc they are quick and to the point. This photo above is giving me so much life. I want to create an outfit inspired by this for the Afro Punk Festival later this summer. I have tons of fabric laying around my place that I can use for this project. I plan to start working on it after the holiday has passed.

Hey guys,

I know it has been a while since I updated on here. I haven’t abandoned this site. Just got busy with work, life, apartment hunting and then getting settled in from moving. Hope all is well with you guys. Now that my new place is coming together, I can focus my creative energies again on making and sharing cool things on here. I am very active on Instagram, check me out there in the meantime if you want to see what I’m up to. Wishing you all great weekends and I will be back to posting soon!

Stay creative


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